Hen limping - bumblefoot? If so, best remedy?


8 Years
Jul 26, 2015
Hen started limping couple of days ago - getting worse so I snapped a picture of her foot and am thinking bumble foot. The circled area is 'crusty'. What are your recommendations? These are egg laying chickens, not pets but pretty friendly. Not sure she would stand for Epsom salt soak (as I've read) so any alternatives?
Thanks in advance.
Bumble (2)_LI.jpg
That toe looks very swollen. Yes, I would treat like bumblefoot. Following link is usually how I treat first, then go on to other things if it's stubborn. Once it's cleaned out if the swelling doesn't start to go down after a week or so, then you may have to repeat and an antibiotic might be needed. If soaking is an issue, you can apply decolorized iodine (not the same thing as betadine - you can get it in the first aid section of the pharmacy) and then wrap the foot over night, that often softens it up well.
Another option after getting it cleaned out as well as possible, is sugardine.
Post #8 here has a video explaining how that is used, it's just white sugar and betadine. It helps draw out infection. Post #16 in the same thread has pictures of my roo's foot being treated with it. You have to do daily to start with, and as it heals you can gradually increase time between changes. You will need duoderm bandages and vet wrap or co wrap for this.

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