Hen limping with one cold foot

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    Jan 5, 2014
    Today I noticed one of my hens (a 2-year-old Araucana) was limping. I picked her up and felt both of her feet/legs. The foot/leg that she was favoring was smooth and quite cold, while her other leg was warm and rough (as usual). Her feet/legs are dark colored naturally, but there was no color difference between them and no injury. I felt all the way up and down both feet/legs and could not tell any difference except what I just mentioned. I have a small flock (9 hens) and they have a warm coop with straw bedding. It's been cold here, but they don't generally leave the coop when it is very cold. She is eating/drinking/pooping as usual and I did not notice her limping yesterday. Any ideas what the problem could be? I don't have a poultry vet in the area and our regular vet has not been very helpful with my chickens in the past.

    I searched this string and could not find any similar answers...any help would be most appreciated. Thanks!
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    Welcome to BYC. I suppose it could be frostbite if she got the leg wet and it froze from thecold air. More likely is that she injured it, spraining or breaking it. I would confine her to a crate either inside the coop to keep her place in the pecking order, or inside the house, to keep her from over-using the leg. Give her vitamins or at least vitamin B1 while she is recovering. After a week, re-evaluate her and watch her walk, but also keep an eye out in case it was frostbite.

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