Hen losing feathers on chest, bottom, and tail.


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May 1, 2011
Olathe, Kansas

I have a 1 year old BSL who is losing feathers on her bottom, chest, and right before her tail. I'm pretty sure she's not molting. It has been like this ever since last fall. In the fall, I saw that she was losing them but decided to let it go, because I thought it would get better by itself.
I think it might be possible that the ones that she's losing before her tail is from another chicken plucking them, but I'm not sure. It doesn't appear that she has any bugs on her.

Does anyone know what's going on, or how I could help it? Here's some pictures.

She never stays still so a lot of the pics are blurry.

Sorry it's sideways.




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Apr 15, 2009
You have some feather picking going on. Time to take a glass of wine and watch a few hours of chicken TV. The culprit will make him/her self known pretty quickly. Once you figure out who is doing the damage remove that bird from the flock and put it in chicken jail for the next several weeks. Away from the flock so they forget that bird exists. Up the prisoner's protein intake while in jail to address any protein deficiencies that may be present. Don't be in any great hurry to return the bird to the flock or you may end up doing this again and again. You want this bird to lose all standing in the flock so that it re-enters as a new bird.

Continue to monitor the flock to make sure you don't have multiple culprits. This is a very bad habit that readily spreads to the other birds.

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