Hen Losing Toes


9 Years
Feb 27, 2010
I have a Buff Brahma hen thats about six years old. She has recently started losing her toes in a pretty gross way.... they're falling off??? =P she has a dark lumpy thing on one toe on the same foot.... We had another very old hen that this happened to aswell. is this just something that happens when they get old? Thanks!
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this I dont think is just down to age our chuks dont have there toes falling off....never have and we have some pretty old girls ...... hope u find out what the problem is
might be a tuma or something but im no expert im just looking at a logical answer
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That has nothing to do with age! You have some kind of illness or health condition you need to take care of. Based upon your sketchy information I can't even make a guess. Can you post a picture?

Welcome to BYC, hope we can get the problem solved for you.
A friend of mine had a hen that this happened to. She was sitting on a lid of a metal trash can in the winter and got frostbite.

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