hen losing use of leg


11 Years
Apr 26, 2011
She is a 14 month old Isa Brown.Last week she was limping.Than as the days went on she got worse.I have been treating her for Bumble foot.she has it in both feet.Three days she was having trouble picking up her feet and taking a step.I have her in a cage.in the basement due to the hot weather.She is eating and drinking fine.she even layed a egg this morning.I took her out side this morning and sat her in the grass.she ate some grass.took a few steps and had to sit down.I can tell its very painful for her to walk.I did notice that her left leg is giving out.Back in march I did noticed she would be walking and come to a sudden stop.and than she would lift her wings to cool off.I thought that was odd due to the cold temperatures we were having.any suggestion as what may be going on with her would be appreciated.
Hi, we have a Buff Oprington hen who had broken either her foot or fractured her leg back in February. She got herself stuck between our portable generator and patio steps. We took her in the house where she stayed in a cat carrier (enjoying the fireplace for the winter, BTW). She hated when I wrapped it so we just kept her comfy. After 2 months she began trying to walk again, having no mobility but she stuck with it. I would take her out, sitting on the lawn at that point. Slowly, over two weeks or so, she was doing really well. Keeping her on the deck for her safety, she was even using the cat door to come in to eat (cat food when we weren't looking). She finally graduated and was put back into population. Last weekend, she hatched 12 chicks. I'm so proud of that girl. I'm sure other more experienced people will tell you what to do, but it sounds to me that she will baby the leg, working it out a bit and eventually it will heel on its own.
Also, she does have a slight limp, really cute. I wonder if all her chicks will too, LOL.
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Beautiful hen you have.And thanks.When she started to limp.I thought maybe she had injured her leg.she will jump up to get leaf or a grape off the vines.

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