Hen might be allergic?


Jan 6, 2017
So this is probably the weirdest question I have never asked; but can a chicken be allergic to a certain food?

Let me explain why I am asking. So, I have a hen, she has been the most reliable chicken I have ever own. I gave them a cauliflower head that went a little pass on the date but it was still fine to give them (I have given them this several times before and never saw this behavior before). I noticed one day when I was letting my chickens out I heard her do this weird sound but she looked fine and okay so I did not think anything about it. Then the next day I noticed she was doing this weird head movement. By weird I mean she was quickly moving her head to the left only and then moving it back center. She would do this several times before moving very slowly; then she would do it again. She was not my happy hen that wants to see what I have in my hand and telling me off about the rooster in the flock. Then I noticed she was doing the egg bound position (this is weird because she hasn't given me an egg since the day she was born) - this position stopped yesterday. I thought maybe she was having a respiratory disease which she did not show any signs, then I though sour crop - I checked and she showed no signs and everything felt perfect, and then I assumes she was passing away from old age (she's 5 and 1/2 years old) so I assume that she would pass away after a couple of days because it looked like she was passing away. Then yesterday I noticed that she was coming back to her normal self and today she started her talking and has more energy. She is not 100% herself right now but it looks like she is getting better.

Also, she has free range to water, feed, grit, and calcium. I have small pieces of grit for her at her height. Today was the first time in roughly 4 days I have seen her on my cameras go for food and look interested in food. I also make sure they is nothing that they can't have walk within the coop yard and I do a nightly check in the coop yard to make sure nothing dangerous comes into the coop yard within the day and night.

Her Stats:
Breed: Easter Egger/Americana
Age: 5 and 1/2 years old
Last Egg: Probably never but between her and her sister (who passed - old age) I got 13 eggs and last egg from them was 2019
No bad smell from her breath; no bubbles from eyes; no water coming out of the nose; and no change in color of comb and wattles.
No lice or mites

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