Hen Not Interested In Oyster Shells


May 5, 2020
Kendallville Indiana, US
My khaki Campbell started laying a few days ago!!! YAY I can’t tell you how exited I was!! :celebrate Well I’ve been giving her some leftover mealworms that I bought for them a while back as a treat. Today I decided to get her Oyster Shells because I heard those are great for them and plus I got them at a very good price. I offered them today sprinkled with mealworms she just ate the mealworms and after that I offered a gain and she would put her beak in it and dig around but then dismiss them as rocks and leave. How do I encourage her to eat the OS?


Ruffus and Big Boy
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Jun 11, 2020
Your drakes will not eat the oyster shells, just like roosters don’t. They know they don’t need it. Just leave it out - free choice means just that. They will take it as they need it.
X2, I was worried about that also as you, but as everyone else pointed out, your hens will eat OS as needed and the Drakes and Roo's could care less. Best of luck and please keep us post. :)


Jul 2, 2019
I notice as well that the first time i offer my ducks something they wont go near it for a while because anything new is bad and scary. Eventually they explore it and eat it. What i do is have a seperate bowl of OS and a bowl of regular grit. That way my boy can have the grit as needed and the girls can get the OS. Though i have noticed that when my dad watches them he mixes the two and they seem able to pick through it because all the grit will be gone and only the OS are left since only two of my females are laying at the moment

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