Hen not laying and comb is floppy


11 Years
May 25, 2008
Washington State
I have 14 hens I'm getting a wopping 5 eggs a day right
now but my bcm hasn't layed an egg in 2 weeks. She normally has been laying an egg every other day for 2 months now. But I can't get a hold of her to check her out because she is always right next to the rooster she follows him around like their attached at the hip. her comb isn't bright red and perky right now its a pale pink color and kinda floppy and her bottom fluffy area seems larger than normal. could she be egg bound? but she doesn't have a loss in appetite or energy believe me I can't catch her to save my soul and i can catch my other hens most of the time but she is my lets just say feisty hen.
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Is she kind of waddling like a penguin? If her bottom area looks swollen....you're gonna have to grab her......sorry to say. Do you have a net you could use? Pale floppy comb can mean she's a bit under the weather.....it could be that she needs a good worming....

Good luck with her! I have one BC Marans hen myself--she just started laying and she lays about every other day too......
Check her at night, with a flashlight, on the roost. Check for unusual swelling or discharge at the vent, any mites or lice. Keep an eye out for her droppings, is she losing feathers?
My uncle breeds grouse and I called him he told me to get her and put some olive oil in her vent and put her in a box with lots of nesting material and a heat lamp, i did and within 20 minutes she layed 2 eggs!

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