hen not laying eggs in nesting boxes

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May 5, 2011
I got my first eggs !!whahoo!! How can I get them to lay them in there nesting boxes? I already had fake eggs in there a week pryer.Is there any suggestions? I am a first timer seeing the first eggs where so awsome!! I have 3 black aursralorps,and 3 reds I think 2 different reds layed the eggs.

buffs only

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8 Years
Apr 4, 2011
Conyers Georgia
My Buff Orps have been laying for two weeks ( not all of them but a few ) and in the beginning none of them were using the nesting boxes, I left a couple of eggs in one box hoping they would catch on. A couple of days ago I found one egg in the box with the two I left, now they seem to be catching on. Yesterday I hade 5 in one box and only 4 on the coop floor, I would say give them a little more time and see if they can get it on their own.

Buffs Only

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