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    Jun 10, 2010
    Hello -
    I have 4 chickens - 2 Americaunas, an Orpington and a Plymouth Rock...
    I got all 4 chicks at the same time and are all the same age, and the 3 (besides the Plymouth Rock) have been laying regularly now for about 6 weeks, but the Plymouth Rock shows no signs of doing so (and she is NOT a rooster). She is however, the most timid one (and is afraid of all the other chickens), and we believe has bad eyesight as well...so it seems that her life is fairly stressful. Does anyone have thoughts if (hopefully) she might just be a late bloomer? Or might not ever lay due to all her "challenges"??
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    Hi rachelmarie- I am RachelMary!
    I wouldn't give up on her, just yet. She probably is a late bloomer, and hasn't found her way to laying yet. Plymouth Rock's lay, and when she's ready, she probably will.
    How old are the chicks?

    Brightest Blessings
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    Jun 10, 2010
    Great name![​IMG]
    They are 27 weeks old. the Orpington started laying right when she turned 5 months, and the other 2 were about a week behind her...
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    May 29, 2010
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    Kill her! JUst kidding. We have 5 Black stars that have been laying for 2.5 months all but one grrr. I noticed that her comb and wattles are not fully developed yet and not red either. she has laid two eggs that I know of though. she is the bottom of the pecking order also. We are giving her more time to mature, but if she dont turn it around by spring no telling whats gonna happen LOL. I think your BR is just a late bloomer.

    P.S check her comb and wattles make sure they are fully developed and red. If they are then she should start laying anytime.
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