Hen not laying in nesting box


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9 Years
Sep 28, 2010
I have a red sexlink hen that will not lay in her nesting box. My DH made them the correct size and they are fluffy with bedding I put in shavings and yes I even have golf balls one each in there nesting box's. All she wants to do is go under the gas meter and lay her eggs where there is ground cover and a divit in the ground. What can I do to get her to lay in her nesting box?
Hens tend to have a preferred spot to lay their eggs. It sounds like your hen has already found her preferred spot - under the gas meter. You'll need to retrain her. Keep her locked up in the coop and run area for a week or so. Make it so that she can't get to the gas meter, and she'll have no choice but find a new place to lay. Hopefully that new place will be in the nest box.

Good luck!
Thanks for the advice Laura that makes perfect sense. I do appreciate your help


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