Hen not laying-


Mar 31, 2015
So all of my other hens have started laying but not this one.

Breed: Cream Legbar
Hatched: 08/11/17
Sex- Female
Feed: Fermented and Non fermented Purina Flock Raiser, free range access to grass, weeds and bugs, free access to oyster shell, occasional corn, BOSS, whole wheat, and meal worms about once a week.
No signs of illness. Clear eyes, clear nares, healthy appetite, firm poop. Feathers in good condition.

Her hatchmate is already laying and the girls that hatched in spring of last year are all laying an egg a day but this one has never laid an egg. I've even separated her to watch her for illness and she's shown no signs of illness at all. Just doesn't lay eggs. Any ideas?
When chickens are stressed they will stop laying, so perhaps you didn't have them locked up long enough for to relax and resume laying. What does her comb look like? That and distance between pelvic points can help determine if she's laying or not.

@aart has written many times how to check a hen for production.

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