Hen not laying


Apr 3, 2020
Hi everyone!
I have 3 hens in my flock: A Well-bar, a Well-summer and a Speckled-gold (Though I think they told us the wrong breed). Anyway, the Speckled-gold hen is the same age as the Well-bar, but she hasn't started laying yet, and her come hasn't reddened. I am wondering whether she isn't because some of her feathers have been pecked out, and she was putting energy into growing them back, but that doesn't seem right since they aren't likely to grow back until her next moult because of the way they have been pecked. Is there a way to get her to start laying? Or should I wait and let nature take it's course?

(I am only asking this because a few members of my family are getting impatient.)

Thank you!

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