HEN NOT POOPING as she should, walking with feet turned in, tail down, heavy abdomen. HELP!!

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    I brought in my 3.5 yo RIR this past weekend because I noticed her standing as though she was egg bound.

    I've done all the typical protocol.
    She starting acting some better, still not eating a ton, but clearly feeling better.
    However, she's not pooping like she should.

    I put her back outside with the rest of the flock for a few hours today. She was thrilled, but by the time I brought her back in, she could barely stand. Her feet are turned in, her abdomen still swollen (no longer hard though), tail down.

    What am I missing?
    The whole not pooping thing has become my biggest concern.
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    I would look into egg yolk peritonitis or internal laying as a possible problem. It can be a problem in older hens, and can have symptoms such as penguin walk, swelling in the lower abdomen, standing upright, diarrhea or stools with cooked egg material, lethargy, and problems walking. If you think she could be constipated you could try giving her some applesauce or a few drops of molasses, which may work as laxatives in chickens. Here are some links to read:
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