Hen not walking and laying strange eggs. Advice wanted.

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    Feb 23, 2009
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    The hen is 24 or 25 weeks. She has been laying for almost 2 weeks now. She has always had a limp. Not sure, possible fall from roost. Even with limp top 5 in the pecking order. Last night I noticed her on the floor of the coop with the silkies. This morning she was still on floor and walking on hocks with help from her wings. I have felt all up and down her "good" leg and can feel nothing that is out of the ordinary. No swelling nothing. She is just not using it. It is her left leg. Her right leg is the one she has had a limp with for a long time, but manages very well with it. So anyways this morning I brought her in and put her into my "chicken hospital." Quiet and dark. I mixed up a wet mash, milk yogurt and her feed. Gave her a baby asprin 2 times today. Her poop is normal, she has a good appitite and is drinking. This evening she even layed an egg. Then 3 hours later she layed what I think is a soft shelled fart egg and a regular soft shelled egg. I took a picture of these. Is there anything else I can do for her? Or how long should I give her to recoop before I decide she isn't getting better and we have to cull her? Do you think this sudden strange egg laying may be related?

    The little thing on the top left on my fingers is what looked to be a soft shelled fart egg.These were both layed at about same time just less then 3 hours after her normal egg.
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    That's wierd. [​IMG] I'm guessing the egg and leg issues aren't related, but who knows? [​IMG] Keep an eye on her, I guess, and take her out again if the other chickens are picking on her.
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    She is still in the house and not walking yet. No egg today. But everything else is the same.
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    stop giving milk >use ACV in water . give her a crushed TUM and start her on a good general supplement like AviaCharge 2000 (you can order this online from McMurry > this is one of the best general supplements I know of > give through feed if you are using meds or aCV in the water)>you can also in addition to this give three or four drops of POLYVISOL enfamil (liquid A-B-D childrens vitamin) in beak for a week then taper off the next.
    Has her appetite been off since she is now "immobile"??? It is very important to keep up proper nutrition > you can go to the pet store in the bird section and get some baby parrot/bird formula > this is a powder you mix with water > mix that up to a porridge consistency and mix thru feed (along with the aviacharge if you can get that) to concentrate her nutrition .
    Hopefully the current (leg)situation is due to an injury which will heal with time and these basic support measures will do the trick.

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