hen on day 25 with no chicks

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    My speckled sussex Miss Sprinkles is sitting on 12 eggs, it is day 25. I know it is still possible to get chicks today however I feel the eggs are not fertile. :( This is her third attempt this year (I've previously taken away her eggs) How long do I let her sit and will she go broody again right away? Thanks in advance for your advice!

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    The eggs are not fertile or if shipped eggs were scrambled. With a brooding bird you will never have chicks hatching that late. Their temperature is constant. Late hatches are due to incorrect incubation temperature. A broody can hatch early in hot weather and maybe a day or two late in extreme cold but not day 25.

    Find some day old chicks. Somewhere get chicks under a week old, younger the better and slip them under her at night when you remove the dud eggs. She should not be allowed to continue sitting. Three attempts of sitting in a row is not great for her health. It take a lot out of a bird to only eat and drink once a day for three weeks. She's been doing this for well over a month is sounds. She'll be happier and so will you to just give her some chicks.

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