Hen- one leg won't work, covered in mites

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    So I'm relatively new to this chicken keeping stuff and I'm beside myself trying to save one of our hens, Maude. It started on on Thursday of last week. We noticed when all of the other hens were roaming around the yard that Maude was just laying in the sun. She's very skittish and normally takes off anytime we get too close but when we approached, she just laid there. We picked her up and put her up right and she took a couple of wobbly steps and laid back down. We picked her up a second time and she walked back into the coup where we shut everyone up for the afternoon. Friday morning when we came out she was on her side in the run and the 6 other hens were pecking at her. So we brought her inside and set her up in the bathtub with pine shavings and food. At this point she was walking like she was drunk and wouldn't take more then a handful of steps at a time. She had poop all in her feathers so we cleaned her up and noticed she had a lot of mites and/or lice on her. So we went to the local feed store and got diatomaceous earth and covered her in it. She was able to push down with both of her legs but one of "feet" just doesn't seem to do what she needs it to do. Saturday was pretty much no change from the day before. Sunday morning when we checked on her she had one eye closed and we couldn't get her to eat or drink much. We put antibiotics in her food and water but I don't think she got much becuase of how little she was eating. By Monday both of her eyes were closed and she wouldn't eat at all. Honestly we've kind of just been waiting for her to die but she just keeps holding on. Finally last night I went back to the feed store to get something stronger for the mites/lice because it didn't look like the diatomaceous earth has gotten rid of them. They suggested that I wipe her eyes down with the antibiotics as well and sure enough she opened her eyes right up. When we wiped them, there were lice/mites all over the tissue. So we are basically back to square one at this point because she's eating and drinking but her leg still doesn't work. Sorry for the long post, I just wanted to include all of the details.
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    adams flea spray or sevin dust or poultry dust. I take bread and break it up pour milk 1 egg mixed together over it. I sprinkle any powder antibiotic I want them to have on the bread and open the chickens mouth and put piece of bread towards back of throat and she will swallow it. Make sure she has swallowed one all the way before you give her another bite.
    If you have tylan 50 I would give her shot or some in mouth. 1/2cc for adult bird. I myself usually get me a bottle of penicillin and give 1 cc and 1/2cc of tylan 50 mixed in syringe well on c chickens breast under skin. I mix penicillin with tylan for 2 reasons one tylan can be hard on tissue and 2 it just seems to work better mixed.
    A real sick chicken will have problems maintaining her body heat so to bring her in is good. I will wrap them in towel to hold their feet tight so they aren't flopping about all weak also and it helps them stay warm.
    I tube feed a real sick bird so not dehydrated I can tell you how to do that if need be.
    I find when some chickens get sick it will settle in joint and can take a while to get them better.
    If she is eating and drinking she will eat special things to get well. I give them chunks of childrens chewable vitamins I cut up big enough for them to swallow and I will scramble egg for them or boil an egg. On top of egg I had some antibiotic powder so she gets it in for sure. Boiled eggs I mash with potatoe masher shell and all and add uncooked minute oatmeal and mash up to meal with potatoe masher if they are weak I put teaspoon of sugar on it.
    Just some suggestions

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