Hen or roo? Thanks!


11 Years
Jan 9, 2013
Suffolk, VA
I have a 6 week old BO that I'm beginning to suspect is a rooster. The tail feathers stick up compared to the other BOs. Any thoughts would be appreciated. The first picture, its the middle chick. The last picture its the 2nd from the right.

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At 6 weeks old you should be able to see a big difference in comb and wattle size on a male. The comb/wattles will also be very red. Are you seeing that on this chick in question? From the front pictures I can't really see much of a comb.
This is what my BO looked like at 6 weeks (7 weeks old now) and I'm pretty sure mine is a rooster. Looks to me like you have a hen.

Thanks everyone! I'm getting a little paranoid about roos...I've always ordered pullets and somehow I usually end up with 2 or 3 roos. I have 2-2 month old Black Giant roos in my garage that I'm trying to find a home for.
I have three new chicks, and I don't know what they are. I am concerned, for no roosters are allowed in my area.
They are rirs. I will post pics if asked

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