Hen or Roo?


Jun 10, 2022
Hello, Can anyone tell me if this is a hen or a rooster? They are all about 16 weeks old and this bird is quite a bit bigger than the others. Plus he/she gets a little uppity when you come into the coop.
Thank you for your help!


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Hi Emma thank you for helping. That is the same bird. Everyone on Facebook keeps telling me it’s a hen. Can you please educate me on how to tell?
Well of course! Do you see the thin pointy feathers indicated by the red marks? Those are only found on males.


Then the large comb and wattles are extremely large for a hen this age.

Finally, with barred plymouth rocks males will be what is called “double barred“ to keep it simple without getting into the genetic aspect of it, basically it is impossible for females to be “white with black stripes” they are always “black with white stripes,” if you know what I mean. The males will have larger white bars than the females.

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