hen or roo?


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Apr 24, 2011
does this look like a roo or a hen. Got it from the straight run group.


Its really dark like a girl. But that comb is telling me roo. I am assuming barred rock since you got it from the straight run bin or could be black sex link. Then it would be boy. Took another look from the color of the legs, I say black sex link boy.
My Barred Rock chick looked like that for months. It had a huge pinkish comb but it never turned red until it fully matured around 18 weeks. I thought for sure it would have to go to freezer camp. She lays very nice eggs and is one of my sweetest girls. She had dark legs too. If its not a Barred Rock, I could be wrong.
i think its about 7 weeks old. i have others that were supposed to be pullets but they look just like anianna's roo's. so im confused. Thanks for all the replys btw guys!

Yea i was thanks for the info. im still confused about the barred rock or sex link i have. the guy at tsc said he had a "good idea" it was a roo but who knows i guess. At what age would "he" start crowing?
Are you talking about the red and white ones?? If so those are red sex link girls.
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