Hen or Roo?


7 Years
Mar 21, 2012

So we have gone back and forth about this BO chicken who will be 11 weeks this weekend. Right now I just refer to "it" as "P". What say you- hen or roo?
I'll be the voice of dissent and say rooster. I've seen a lot of slow-maturing orps on this board and those legs are pretty thick, it just does not look femenine to me. If you're wanting a hen I hope I'm wrong, but if I'm right he'll be pretty!
See what I mean? This one is tough! "P" does have REALLY fat legs and his HUGE, but our confirmed roo BIG Al has rather small legs and his wattles and comb turned BRIGHT red at about 6 weeks. "P" in comparison has comb and wattles that are bright pink, but have been that way for several weeks- never really darkening. This chick is my most stand-offish too. Almost nervous, but not aggressive. It takes everything to get it to take food out of my hand; and even then it's snatch and run. At one point "P" and BIG Al were sparring alot, but now not so much. BIG Al has taken his job as rooster seriously, even though he's the smallest in the group. *sigh*
Oh and sorry about the dup, my laptop went crazy as did my finger and couldn't figure out how to delete the extra 2 :(

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