Hen or Roo


6 Years
Mar 10, 2013
I've been pretty confident that my Polish Buff Glitzy is a Hen but, the last couple days I've caught her crowing !! Would like other opinions as to what I've got here, Hen or Roo.

How old is Glitzy? That topknot with the long fly away feathers looks like it belongs to a roo. You might want to take side pictures showing the back and tail area to look for saddle feathers.
I would check for saddle feathers. Also, does it mate with the other chickens?
Do you have any other roosters? Somtimes when there are not any roosters in a flock the chicken with the largest wattle will start to take on the role of a rooster and start crowing.
Good luck!
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Glitzy is about 4 mths. I do have another Rooster in the flock. Have not seen and mating relations going on. I'm new to this so I'm not sure about saddle feathers. Her is a side picture.

With those patchy reddish feathers and what look to be saddle feathers coming in, am pretty sure Glitsy is a boy.
Saddle feathers are the long skinny feathers around base of the tail and lower back. They are more obvious on mature roosters.

I agree this bird is a rooster for the reasons stated. Pullet polish crest feathers have very rounded and broad tips and don't do the 'punk rocker' look like he has.

No mating activity because he is still young. In a month or two, or when the hens are laying he will start mating.
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