hen problem


5 Years
Sep 26, 2014
Two and a half year old, tight abdominal distention for 2 weeks. Could not walk well with extra weight but ate and drank small amounts regularly. Should have died if egg peritonitis but did not. Did an autopsy this AM. Removed from the vent/abdomen area a 6"x4" blob of what appeared to be an unattached chunk of layers of cooked chicken. all other internal organs seemed normal behind the blob but went no further. Hopefully 3 pictures will show up. What is it???

Welcome to BYC and sorry for your loss. Pictures like this are pretty common with internal layers. Sometimes they will lay these eggs, and they are called lash eggs. Thanks for sharing. Speckled Hen has a lot of threads about internal layers, egg yolk peritonitis, and ascites.
Thank you, thank you. After seeing other pictures of this, I recognized small ones in the past and also when growing up. Nothing ever this big that it would not come out. She was one of nine that need to be culled this fall. Thanks again

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