Hen raising chicks for the first time


Apr 30, 2017
Princeton, MN
Hello! My aurstralorp had been broody for over 2 weeks. I stuck some eggs under her a week ago and just checked them and none of them were fertilized:( My Roo is clearly NOT doing his job! So I want to buy day old chicks to put under her. I've heard of people having luck with that-just wondering if I should separate her from the rest of the flock? I have 4 hens total and one very shy Roo. I have a really small coop-my hubby is building me a bigger one in 2 weeks:) I'm just worried about my broody hen-she's lost a lot of weight and really wants to be a mommy. Any help would be appreciated!!

Pork Pie

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Jan 30, 2015
Whilst its likely that she will accept the chicks, there's a chance that she may not, so its good to have a plan B, assuming worst. As for separating momma and chicks - that depends on your flock characteristics, among other things.

I may be inclined to get DH to pull his finger out on the new coop construction and leave the broody hen in the existing coop and introduce the chicks to her there. Moving her to a new coop could well break her broodiness. She may well decide when its time to introduce the chicks to the new coop and the existing flock members.

Other members are likely to give conflicting advice to mine - very little is caste in stone when it comes to keeping chickens, so go with whatever you feel most comfortable with.

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