Hen Saddles/Aprons (standard and bantam available)

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    We all know how rough the boys can be on our girl's backs. Help protect them with hen saddles. My saddles are denim backed and I have numerous fabrics available. New fabrics will be posted as I get them. I also scotch guard the saddles unless requested not to. And for most saddles, you can chose whether you'd prefer black or white elastic.

    $7 each for standard/large sized (7" from shoulders to base of tail)
    $5 each bantam sized (5" from shoulders to base of tail)

    I will ship anywhere within the continental US free.
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    Thank you! We got two 10 month old pullets last month, they had been living with three Roo's and one of them had a pretty torn up back. We kept them isolated for three weeks until she seemed healed up, but after a week with our roo (and our other 4 hens) her back was getting quite bad again. You shipped the apron same day, fits great, and it's doing the job. Her back is healing up.

    Highly recommended.

    Siena-saddle (17).jpg
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