Hen seems to have leg issue...Please help...


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My 1 1/2 yr old Wyandott (sp?) started to walk like she was drunk on Monday - stumbling around but doing her normal stuff - even laid an egg. Then Tues and Wed she was way worse - so I put her in her own cage to watch her - she can NOT stand up on her legs so she just sits back on her butt with her legs spread out in front of her or up under her. She is eating, drinking, pooping and laying eggs just fine and she looks really good as well.
I am having a hard time finding out what is going on... can anyone help?
Thank You!
I have a hen doing the same thing! It started yesterday. She has a hard time standing, but manages to get herself settled between the food and water. Her comb and eggs look healthy. She has no marks on her. I'm thinking maybe she hurt a let getting on or off the roost. I hope someone replies with some suggestions for us.
How is your hen doing now? Mine dragged herself out of the coop today, even down the 1' drop from the door, to be with her mates. She's limping around the yard. I'll probably put her back in soon since it's a little cold and I'm sure she'll tire quickly.

I hope yours is making progress, too!
NO progress - just laying around with her legs out to the side in a cage that I put in the coop - I have Guinea Fowl that are being nasty to her and all the roos were too much for her as well. i am still giving her a special mixture of food hoping to up her strength. She is still eating, drinking and laying eggs... I'll keep her as long as she is healthy - and yours IS walking now?
Still limping around this evening but comb colour still good. Because she spent most of the day outside, she probably didn't get as much food and water as she needed, but sometimes sunshine is worth more. (speaking for myself ;o)

I looked in "The Chicken Health Handbook" to see if anything sounds more like what your hen has. Do her legs seem thick - it could be osteopetrosis or scaly leg mite. Swollen, warm joints and ruffled feathers could be staphylococcic arthritis. Those are the only common diseases I see.

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