Hen shakey...is she sick? Help!

Jun 27, 2019
Hi all-
Two days ago one of my hens (Ri) fell into a small pond we have in the garden that the flock hangs out in. Its a small pond in a rubbermate tote (100 gal./65-68degrees). Sometimes the hens drink water from it and Ri must have fallen in bc we found her in the pond when we went to check on them. We don't know how long she was in there. She was shivering and we took her inside and she was by the heater for a few hours. Now today I am noticing that she seems to still be shakey. She's been standing around not doing much and her legs look like they are lightly trembling every few seconds. She doesnt feel cold to the touch, her waddles are warm to the touch too. I'm wondering if maybe she is sick from being in the water? What should I do? Thank you! -worried chicken mom

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