Hen sits but doesn't lay


Aug 22, 2021
Western PA
Aww poor babies. They probably protested a little as you did it then said.. wait.. this is nice! My girls tend to complain until they are fully held then they just turn and it's like they have full running conversations while closing their eyes to getting rubbed. It's ok to be addicted to chickens. I started with a small group of 5 (one died so had 4).. went to replace the 1 that died.. yeah... I now have 15 laying pullets.. 5 ducks (2 are going to be dinner).. plus all the meat birds I had (that I raised with my laying girls because I wanted them to have a good life not factory fed forgotten so I'm guilty of petting and loving on my meat birds just like a layer or any of my ducks). Chicken math happens it's ok, there's a support group for that it's this forum :lau:lau

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