hen sitting on 18 eggs in the open, in my garden, 100 degrees!

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    Jan 29, 2010
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    I posted this in the raising baby chicks page - but thought I would move it to here as it is more relevant, please help!

    What do I do!!, I have no experience in this.

    I noticed my austrolorp hen was missing about 3 weeks ago, and have been looking for her, I noticed her coming out to eat about once a day, so I was pretty sure she was sitting on eggs somewhere, she is really young, as are all my hens, I do have a rooster - they are all about 5 months old.

    I finally found her nest today, it has been really hot here, so I have not been gardening very much and it had got jungle like, but with the heat it is dying back, and her nest of EIGHTEEN EGGS (!!!) is right in the middle of my garden, with no cover at all, it is reeeaaally hot here and I was wondering what to do with her, should I leave well alone?, I have 3 dogs which I am sure know where she is and have not bothered her as yet, would the eggs even be viable at her age and in this heat?

    thanks experts!
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    Oct 31, 2008
    it has gone on this long so you may as well see it through.
    Candle a few of the eggs and see what you can find. If she has been setting three weeks you should soon see peeps.
    Good luck!
    Now, if only I can find my missing hen....
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    Oct 16, 2009
    You may as well let her hatch where she is and then move them to a secure enclosure. My Gold Brahma successfully hatched outside in Wales....pretty cold and wet and then I bought her in.

    Good Luck,

  4. Cetawin

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    I would move her, the nest and eggs to a secure enclosed place with food and water available for her...she most likely is getting ready to start hatching. Those elements and temps may have compromised the eggs already plus it is not safe for her out in the open...especially when the babies arrive.

    If the eggs are pipped, leave her be and hope for the best....then gather her and babies and put them up somewhere safe.
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    I'm sure the above posters are correct, but if you could buy or borrow an x-pen to put around her, that would keep the dogs away.When I moved my broody hen she lost interest in her eggs.

    You could candle the eggs first before you go to any trouble! Also, isn't 18 too many? I would just take a few away.

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