Hen sneezing/ maybe wheezing

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    Oct 14, 2009
    One of our hens was sneezing this morning, pretty forceful (could it be a cough instead?). Her breathing is definitely not normal, but not really sure if it is a wheeze or labored. It is definitely louder and more noticable. No gunk in eyes, or ears. I separated her from the rest of the flock but am unsure what else to do. Her feathers look like they normally do as does everything else. I did try to review info on this site but kinda overwhelming which may be because I am too worried to think clearly. We have 40 chickens who have been together since their arrival in April. The hens are all laying but I can't tell you for sure if she has had any change. She, along with 19 others, are RIR's so I can't differentiate their eggs. Thanks for any assistance or input you can give me.

    In case this info is needed. The chickens have a well insulated and ventilated coop with plenty of room for all of them. There is straw on the floors and in the nesting boxes. We turn the straw daily with a pitchfork and change it as needed. They also have a large outdoor pen that is covered and secure, however we do let them out to free range about 4 to 6 hours a day. We are on many acres and they have always stayed on our property. They are fed Dumor 15% along with occasional treats or additions like bread, boiled eggs, fruit, vegies, cheerios, yogurt, etc. They have clean fresh water that is changed/refilled at least twice a day and those containers are spot cleaned daily with a heavy duty scrub down once or twice a week.
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