Hen started plucking feather off bottoms of others


6 Years
Apr 19, 2013
Just in e past few weeks we have noticed Blondie pecking at the bottoms of our other 2 hens now the feathers are gone and bottoms are looking bad. What would make her start dong this all of the sudden. They have been together since birth and are over a year old
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There might be several things going on. Check all your birds carefully for parasites such as lice. You may need to separate the offender while you treat your other hens - applying a topical medication such as Blu Kote will help discourage further picking.
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! Pleased to have you here! I agree with 1muttsfan. Other reasons chickens peck might be stress or boredom as well. Do your birds have access to adequate space? Good luck to you!
she needs to find another hobby. Maybe you could put out a "Flock block," so she and the others will have something to nosh on - or Hang a head of cabbage barely out of reach, so they have to jump to get some.
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If you are unable to control the situation, you might consider "Pinless Peepers". I have a hen that is very aggressive toward not only the other hens, but humans as well! LOL So when she gets to be a handful, on go the Peepers. These things can alter the attitude and change behavior to some degree. Good luck and enjoy BYC!
We just noticed something similar, only our hen has picked her own belly clean. Any ideas or suggestions are much appreciated. She is only nine months old. Not sure what to do.
Sometimes broodies will pluck the feathers from their breasts and they can be nearly bald. Always check for mites when there is a lot of feather loss. Check around the vent, the back of the neck and the area plucked. Mites tend to lay eggs around the vent and neck areas. If she is broody, there isn't much you can do until she molts and regrows the feathers. :)

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