Hen starting broody?


8 Years
Aug 1, 2011
In the morning, Lacey will be out and about scratching and stuff, but after I let them free range, she immediately goes in to the top of the coop into the "egg corner" and sits in there for the rest of the day. I can reach in there and she isn't angry, and I think she lays her egg in the morning (we have 3 hens that lay the same color egg, hard to tell who's egg is who's), she will come out for little bits of time and then go back in. Can a hen hatch eggs when it gets really cold, or would the egg freeze?
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Mine do that too. I don't think they are truly serious about it though because if they were they wouldn't get up more than a couple times a day to eat something, drink, eat, and poop. So I think they are considering the idea but I don't feel like they are truly broody yet. I am going to see what happens when it gets closer to spring though
even if they did hatch, it is getting colder every day so the chicks might not make it. you could incubate and keep them inside until they are old enough to keep up their body temp. if thats not a posibility then i say throw them away
but if there is a way then i say keep the fuzzy butts lol good luck!!!!
<3 kelsey
Yeah, that was what i was thinking. I wouldn't get an incubate, at least not for a while. We don't have a rooster either...
If she does go broody, maybe I can get some hatching eggs

I know
I wish spring time would come so I could have some more babies. I just don't want to do it since it is getting colder and I don't want to hog the garage with chickens until it gets warmer lol. We have been lucky here in Indiana so far. It hasn't gotten very cold yet but it will. What is the breed of the chicken you thought was "broody"?
oh yea i thought i was getting a hen but it turned out to be a rooster so we could do that but loli hope maybe we can set some eggs together in spring time lol good luck!!
<3 kelsey
Oh I see now you said the Sussex lol, mine are Barred Rocks, Dark Brahmas, and a mutt, they all seem to want to sit on their eggs, and all the other hens eggs. When winter came my eggs a day number went up from 5 or 6 to 16 to18.

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