Hen stealing eggs! Help!


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Aug 3, 2012
I have 2 bantam hens and a roo. One of my hens went broody...she is sitting on 2 eggs. This is day 19. My other hen at first would go in the box with her and lay her eggs there. I would take them...marked the 2 she was sitting on. Anyway about a week ago the "other" hen stopped laying and has been trying to steal and sit on the 2 eggs. They will scream and peck at each other then finally they will both just sit together. They have both been sleeping in the nesting box together on the eggs. Will this be a problem when and if they hatch? Will they fight over the chicks or will the chicks just have 2 mommas? Is this normal? New with chickens. It's kinda funny to watch. I caught her this morning with her head completely under the other hen trying to roll the eggs away from her!
For peace in the coop, I would segregate each hen in a different corner with her own eggs. It doesn't have to be convoluted - just a piece of chicken wire cordoning off an area that contains a feeder and waterer of her own, and gives her room to get off the nest and move away from it to poop. After chicks hatch, they'll be safe for awhile until Mama Hen feels they are ready to be part of the flock/coop.

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