Hen suddenly aggressive with our puppy


8 Years
May 3, 2011
Bradleyville, MO
We have a 14 week old small breed puppy that has never once messed with the chickens. If anything, he avoids them. My chickens free range, so he is around them all the time, and we have had him for a month.

One of my chickens suddenly today started being very aggressive with him, for seemingly no reason. He will be peacefully walking on the other side of the yard from her, and she will charge at him, and the chase him, all the while pecking at him and clawing at him like fighting chickens do, when they hop up and fight with their feet. kwim?? She does it EVERY time I let him outside, even if I am standing right there. Said chicken has never been aggressive with me or anyone else in my family.

WTH?? How do I get her to stop? I don't want my puppy to become afraid of going outside.
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How old are your chickens? (Could be your culprit is a male and becoming dominant.)

I'm feelin' for the bird. In a fight, s/he is gonna be the loser.

But I agree that waiting is a good tactic, if you can stand it (it's hard to watch a beloved pet be attacked!).
Sorry, we have been out of town for the weekend.

Said chicken is a little younger than a year old, and female. My puppy if MAYBE half the size of these chickens (he'll be 6lbs full grown), and scared to death of them. He is NOT going to eat them. I have a 40lb Australian Shepherd that this chicken just ignores.

We have been gone since the day after this started, and we got back late tonight, so I'm hoping that the time away made her forget about it and she doesn't start back up again. I'll keep an eye on them for the next few days.
I have 2 small dogs, a 12 lb poodle, and a 7lb poodle mix. The larger dog loves to run into the flock of chickens just to see then fly away. The smaller dog is terrified of the girls for good reason: They will chase & peck at him.

So both dogs stay are banned from being around the girls.

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