hen taking care of chicks?


8 Years
May 1, 2011
Can a hen sucessfully takecare of chicks with other hens in the coop, the coop is 13ftx30ft and has 17 hens and 2 roosters they free range a little if its not sub zero temps will the hens be mean to the chicks if so will the mother protect them or what to do been on vacation and came back to half incubated eggs so I wanna let them hatch but its winter just not all the room right now
Yes the hen should protect the chicks, but some are better than others at this. I like to give the hen a separate hutch until the chicks are more "with it" as in at least 2-3 weeks old so they will follow her and jump toward her for protection. I make a temporary partition with chicken wire around a hutch in the pen for them, or put them all in the hutch in the dog kennel.

That way she can take them on outings but not be bothered by the flock. So it sounds like you might have room to put some chicken wire up in your shed to give her a little room to roam in there with the chicks?

Also put food and water within reach of her beak as she sets on eggs if possible so she can continue to set on chicks and remaining eggs while she teaches the new chicks how to eat and drink. Just my opinion!
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Mine is. She has 6 the other don't seem to mind and the rooster does good with them for sure. I think he knows he the daddy.
My banty is too.She is in with 16 other chickens. She has a corner she can retreat to, and they free range part of the day. When she free ranges she is out with about 100 other chickens, both large fowl and banties. If it is too cold or windy mom and the chicks hang out in the hen house, and she only brings them out for short periods.

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