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  1. Zealo

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    Oct 8, 2014
    I've got a sassy brahma hen that always screams when she see's me. I can be on the other side of the fence, looking at the girls from inside the house, or opening the nest box for eggs, and when she see's me, Eeeaahhhh. But she's not scared of me, when I go to check on them, she always runs over and will more then willingly take something from your hands.

    And now that I integrated a Barbu d’Uccle rooster to the flock, she runs over and squats for me. She's even been allowing me to pick her up and pet her. She's also been following me around more and as been coming up to the porch when she see's me inside the house.

    When she squats, I ruffle her up and she screams, fluffs her feathers, then comes back for more.

    Sure, I've got a few girls that will come up to me and sit in my lap, or jump up when I'm eating to try and steal my food or ***** at me when they cant... Mim -_-

    I don't mind the screaming, but what's with it?
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    I an going to says she demanding i have one hen that demands to come inside even through i dont allow it heaven forbid i leave the door or windo open other wise she getting in the house even the cat door has to stay closed. She just complains at the windows and doors.
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    You're her People!!

    She's obviously attracted/attached to you, probably from your previous interactions...and a 'loud talker' haha.
    Did you raise her from a chick?

    Interesting that she's squatting for you....is it because of the new cock/erel, or a coincidence of timing.
    How old is she and the cock/erel?
    Is she submitting to the cock/erel?
  4. Zealo

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    Oct 8, 2014
    I mostly believe that it is indeed from the rooster being there that is making her squat so much. The rooster was just recently integrated and is the lowest in the pecking order. So no, she isn't submitting to the rooster. I got the guy from my boss at work. She said he was acting aggressive towards her kids and was causing her hens to go bold.

    I took him in, cause I've been wanting a bantam rooster, and I knew my girls could handle him, which they did. They mostly ignore him until he gets to close to their personal space.
    So far I haven't seen any aggression, but then again, I was chasing him around and man handling him for the first day XD

    And the rooster is a year old, which is the same age as four of my girls (which the brahma is), while the others are two years old.

    I've also raised all of my girls since they were chicks.
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    May 26, 2015
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    One of my girls yells like crazy every time when she can see or hear me. She won't stop yapping [​IMG], that's her way to let me know she wants to go outside free range. The second I open the run door she will say in the sweetest little voice - kokoko.... They are so clever.

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