Hen Uninterested in Eating or Drinking, Help!


Oct 14, 2020
I have a hen who is panting and isolating herself from the other chickens, her comb is flopped down & she has a sad demeanor. I brought her inside and gave her a bath because she had some runny poop stuck to her feathers, she hasn't pooped since then from what I've seen. Her comb is still a pretty bright red, but her tail feathers are pointed down. I put her into the coop by herself in an egg box, lubed her vent up with some KY & felt around but I couldn't feel an egg but I also don't know if I somehow could've missed it or something. She just recently got off of antibiotics because her vent had prolapsed, I don't know if that information changes/helps anything. She's supposed to go to the vet on Tuesday but if she is eggbound I know she won't survive that long. Any advice is helpful!

Update: I tried to see if the vet would take her & they're all booked up for the day so I did a Vet Triage appt. She doesn't want to move or drink or eat & I'm very worried. She's sitting on her perch open beak panting & it almost looks like she's rocking back & forth. It seems like she has a bit of mucus in her beak, but the vet doesn't think she's eggbound. She is gonna send me a list of vitamins & an electrolyte water mixture to try & perk her up. The nearest vet that can take her in person is an hour away from me so not ideal.
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