Hen very sick not sure what it is or how to treat it

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    Apr 18, 2015
    My hen Runaway hasn't been feeling good for a little while and I cant figure out what is going on. I have read a lot of articles in the learning center and have tried some stuff with no results. This is what is going on with her. She moves very slow, her feet have started turning inward, some poop on her butt (which could also be from her sleeping in a nesting box and not roosting) tail feathers are down, she can't jump to get into the sleeping area at night and she feels heavy. Any suggestion would be appreciated. Thank you for you help.
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    It sounds like she is internal laying. Feel around her abdomen. Does it feel hard? She might be full of eggs that didn't get laid. Unfortunatly, there is no treatment for it.
    Another thing it might be is ascites, or a buil-up of fluid in her body cavity. It can be treated, but it's pretty risky. I'll let you look it up yourself, and save me some time typing, and then you can learn from someone who has experience with it. [​IMG]


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