Hen walking with back end down


Jun 20, 2021
One of our hens (12 months old) hasn’t laid for over a month, at first I thought she was egg bound, I had a feel and gave her a soak in some warm water and Epsom salts a few times but it made no difference.
Today she is walking with her back end hunched down, currently she’s sleeping under a bush (she does that a lot). She hasn’t really eaten or drank much. I still can’t feel an egg and from what I read they can’t be egg bound that long?
I’m not sure what else to do. I’m going to give her some scrambled egg and scrape some calcium over it in the hopes it’ll perk her up.
her comb looks fine, a lovely red.
Is she going to die? I can’t get to a vet as the closest is over an hour away and we have no transport at the moment 😔

This is how she’s walking.
Excuse the mess we’ve been clearing out the shed!
Have you inserted a finger into her vent to feel for a stuck egg or other obstruction? Internal laying, salpingitis, egg yolk peritonitis, and water belly can cause similar symptoms. Try to tempt her to keep drinking water, and offer some scrambled egg, tuna, and wet feed in small amounts. Mine like a little water and yogurt into a small bowl of feed. If she has one of the reproductive disorders, the goal would be to keep her comfortable. Check her crop in early morning to make sure that it is emptying overnight. Some use antibiotics, such as amoxicillin, to treat possible infection.

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