Hen with a broken foot.


9 Years
Dec 13, 2010
South Texas
My baby girl ethel who is not even a year old yet got steped on by a horse and now her foot is useless he is holding the entire leg up and is hoping around with her one leg. She is in a isolation cage and eating lots and drinking well. Is there anything i can do for her besideds keep food and water close to her ?? The other hens where attacking her thats why she is in iso. She is my favorite hen and i would do anything for her.
I don't have any great advice, but I do have a hen with a broken foot/ankle She's our favorite hen too :) She's been hopping around with her leg perpendicular to her body and her toes curled up behind her since the beginning of July and is a little frustrated but way more stable than she was. (She was attacked by dogs.) Otherwise, she's healthy and pain free. I probably could have splinted her foot but I wasn't sure what was wrong and I was afraid to hurt her more and was just hoping she'd heal . . . I still don't know if that would've helped. Good luck with her, and I hope she recovers quickly!

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