Hen with a broken toe...me thinks

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    Sep 2, 2014
    So on Saturday, I noticed a bloody footprint in the snow. I only have a flock of five...so it was pretty easy to figure out who was bleeding. I picked up Henrietta and brought her in. We cleaned up the wound which appeared to be a slice across her three toes...nothing too deep. We did that yesterday as well. I brought her in again this morning and I noticed her middle toe was a bit more wiggly than the others, but not bent sideways. She's not grasping with it, she's limping or standing on one foot. Her foot doesn't look in bad shape either...not much in the way of discoloration. She isn't bawking in pain when I clean her up. She makes her sweet little chirpy sounds like usual. She's also eating and drinking. Her foot does tremble when she's holding it up...and I can tell she's not comfortable. Suggestions?, ideas?, broken?, what to do.....

    We got these little buggers in May....this is my first time with chickens. I can't help but love these feathered little stinkers and hate when I don't know what to do
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    Keep wound clean and I would try to maybe wrap with gauze to keep dirt out. Clean wound heals better, and gauze allows for air to dry wound.. You don't want goo to accumulate. . If toe fall off. Don't worry about the loss all that much. I have one hen with NO toes, and she gets along fine. Cleaning with peroxide is most likely good. You can try alcohol, but I know it does sting a lil bit more. Don't know how chick would react. I know you LOVE your pets as much as I LOVE mine. Do your best. SOMEHOW I THINK THAT THE CHICKEN WILL REALIZE YOU ARE TRYING TO HELP HER. They do have small brain, but you never know what they think. BEST TO YOU

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