Hen with bumble foot want some help


Jun 9, 2020
Hello everyone. This is one of the ''Chicken Men.'' So we have a case of bumble foot and I was looking for some advice. So here is our current treatment. First we soak her foot for 15 minutes then we use tweezers to dig at what we thought was a wound in between of her toes and got stringy stuff. (But after weeks of treatment then we noticed the black scab on her pad and over time pulled it off and it was a little bit deep. After that her pad healed over;) Then we apply iodine to a gauze bandage and put that on the wound and wrap her up, with vet wrap and 3M tape. Do y'all think this is a good course of action, or is there something else we can try? Pictures to hopefully come tomorrow.
Your course of action sounds like a good plan to me. The black core in the Bumblefoot is basically a pus/necrotic bacteria-filled plug, and to establish healing the whole thing needs to scraped out.

If you have the whole thing out well, either place a soaked pad overtop, or fill it with an ointment like Silvadene cream. Add padding, and bandage until the whole core has healed. A lot of folks use gauze for padding, but you can also use a cut-out pool noodle.

Several environmental conditions such as hard/substrate, too high-up perches, and splinters on the roost can predispose a bird to develop Bumblefoot.
Hello everyone. I'm back:) So here are those pictures.

Bottom of her foot clean.


Top of her foot clean.


Bottom of her foot dirty.


Top of her foot dirty.


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