Hen with injured foot


5 Years
Apr 23, 2017
White House, TN
So I've had chickens for going on 3 yrs and never had a case of bumblefoot. But now I've got a GLW hen who can't seem to put weight on her left foot hardly at all. She can limp around a little but very little, I did my best to examine the foot(fun trying to hold and examine said chook:he) and the only thing that I can see that looks out of the ordinary is that the center of the foot on that side has a black spot(possible wound) and some swelling. I checked the leg for any breaks or injury and couldn't discern anything. I treated the foot with Neosporin(sans pain relief) and separated her into my brooder box with food and water within reach. Looking for a little advice from someone who has been down this road, @Eggcessive , @aart

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