hen with injured leg

whisper's wife

10 Years
Jun 7, 2009
My husband built a chicken tractor, and we got 2 layers and 4 pullets about 2 months ago. We are new to chickens, and were so excited to get eggs from our own back yard right in the city.

2 days ago we noticed one of the younger birds limping. My daughter told me she might have been injured from a short fall my daughter saw her take off the side of our deck several days ago. I tried to "examine" her last night, but I don't know what I'm doing. It is very difficult to try to examine someone who objects to it so violently. I'm afraid I my have made the situation worse by handling her. She managed to escape my grasp when I was trying to return her to the roost. She hit the roost bar on the way to the to the ground in the pen. This morning I think her limp is a little worse. She is eating fine and "runs" when startled, but her run is very awkward. I don't know if I should confine her or do anything for her. I would VERY MUCH appreciate some advice.
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