Hen with large lump about the size of a baseball between the sternum and vent

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    Feb 19, 2016
    I have an Australorp hen who is older (maybe as old as 10 years) and she has had a lump in her abdomen for a few days now. I cannot feel or see an egg as I have been able to in a friends hen who was egg bound.The lump is not rock hard but it is not completely soft. She also has not been too interested in eating or drinking. She is in a coop with other hens and they are not picking on her although one hen that is particularly close to her has seemed like she knew there was something wrong with her BFF. I have put Vaseline oh her vent and made her a nice nest with shavings and left an egg or 2 in the nest to encourage her to lay in case she is egg bound (maybe because of her age). She does seem like she is straining a little bit and has been sluggish/acting broodie. I am afraid she might not have too long because shes not eating or drinking much. Also I am looking for home treatments or something I can get at Tractor Supply.
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    Ten years old is a long time for a hen to live... I would make her comfortable and let her be... a warm soak on her vent to help encourage the age if there is one..... So sorry for this happening to you. Just make her comfy.

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