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    Apr 22, 2008
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    I have an EE that either has a broken leg/knee, or a really bad sprain. She will not put any weight on it a all and it just kind of dangles side to side and back and forth when I pick her up in a normal orientation (head up). I'm not sure it's broken though, because when I pick her up and flip her over, the leg follows, she has no strength in it, but it does not flop to the side or stay straight. Also when I manipulate it, it does not click or move in ways it should not. It does seem to have more lateral play than I would expect, but I don't know. It's like she just does not move it. She was just fine last night, and is still very mobile when I try to catch her (darn it!). She can hop almost as fast as she can normally run. So what can I do? I have her in a 2' X 4' tractor that I normally put young chicks in , so she does not run around too much. I was thinking of wrapping a splint made out of copper wire ( 12 ga, one on each side) to the upper and lower part of her leg. That way I can change the bend of her knee every few days so it does not lock up. Is that a good idea? Both the splint itself and bending the knee every couple/few days? She was not panting before it heated up (they all are now), so I don't think she is in too much pain. She is not a pet, but was intended for egg not meat production. She is also still a bit smallish to harvest, but not by much. I will work with her within reason, but will cull her in a heart beat if she starts showing signs of real pain, I won't tolerate her to suffer without good cause, and I feel eggs or another pound of meat is not a good reason. Thanks

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