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  1. I have a 3 year old barred rock hen who is wheezing. She seems to breathe in okay but makes such a sad noise when breathing out. She looks perfectly fine - bright, alert, tail up, no discharge anywhere. She's eating, drinking, perfectly happy. I just got her, along with her 5 sisters, from a friend Saturday and the noise was very noticable Sunday morning although nothing on Saturday. I believe my friend when she says none of the hens made a noise before coming here. The other 5 are fine. We have her inside in a warm room, with food and water and are using Vet RX and a vaporizer. Any further ideas? The noise just seems to come from her nose or face - it doesn't seem to be down in her chest. She is not coughing or sneezing or gaping her mouth. My husband thinks she is quiet when calm and louder when we are handling her.

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    Wish I could offer help, but can't. I also have a hen who breathes loudly, more so when stressed from handling. She has been this way since I got her from someone else about 4 months ago. She is also in apparent good health otherwise, although she hasn't laid for 2 days. I have been unable to identify the problem, and can't afford a vet call for her.

    Hope this bumps this up on the this thread for some good advice!
  3. Rebecca, have you kept yours separated from the others for all this time or has she been in with the other chickens? What I want to know is if the others will 'catch' it and do it too. What is your experience thus far? I do see another post where someone said to put apple cider vinegar and garlic cloves in the water. I will try the vinegar but don't have the cloves. At least it's something to try. My girl looks perfectly fine although she hasn't laid yet since she's been here (4-5 days). Thank you.
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    You should keep the other 5 separated also--at least until you vaccinate for ILT.
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    it wouldn't hurt to check the nostrils and make sure they are clear..
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    As strange as it may sound, it may be an impacted/sour crop. Our hen was having a hard time breathing, I thought it was a respritory illness, but I just happened to find one site online that listed hard time breathing as a symptom of an impacted crop. Well, I hadn't even suspected such a thing, because it was her breathing that I was worried about. I picked her up to feel her crop, and sure enough, it was about the size of a large orange, or even a grapefruit!! We did a few remedy things that were recommended, and now she is breathing much, much easier. She was extremely sick before. Now I have high hopes that she will live through the night, where before, I really thought she wouldn't make it!. This all happened just a few hours ago.
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    I didn't separate the new chickens, including the heavy breather, because my flock had been slaughtered by a dog, and I had one sole surviving 4 month old pullet. Under the circumstances, I wanted to get her company as soon as possible, so I opted out of quarantine.

    No one else has gotten the heavy breathing symptoms in the 5 months since I've had the "new" chickens. I've checked her crop in the past, but now I am going to check more thoroughly and see if I can smell anything - that is interesting to hear that sour crop can cause breathing probs.

    I give my girls ACV and occasionally garlic, but I haven't seen improvement in this heavy breathing hen. I did a lot of research on the web, but was unable to diagnose anything. I've been wondering about worming her....but haven't so far. I've seen posts saying worming is hard on the hens.

    luvmygirls, I'll keep my fingers crossed for your hen.

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  8. Thank you so much to all who have given ideas. I appreciate the help. And I have to say, these barred rock hens are adorable.[​IMG]

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