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    Mar 26, 2009
    Southern Utah
    We have a mystery going on, and I would love some help.

    Our chickens free range our .40 acre backyard. It has a 6 ft chainlink fence around it. Two of my chicken have been venturing over the fence. My Easter Egger and White Leghorn. We went 2 days thinking our Easter egger was dead, she didn't return to the roost and when they fly over the fence they always stay near the fence by the rest of the flock. Well the missing easter egger returns to my yard for about 1 hour every morning then disappears after that. WE have searched everywhere and can't find her. Yet she arrives about 10am every morning slightly ruffled.

    The two that have been going over the fence haven't been laying in the coop lately. (white and blue eggs) so my gut tells me I might have a broody. She is just a baby from this spring. ITs unseasonally warm here, but when she comes in at morning time 10am its still 50'ish degree's.

    So if she does have a nest, will that hour off the eggs hurt them? Should I try to follow her?

    Is something else going on?

    Clip her wings?
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    Jul 24, 2009
    She probably has a nest. I would follow her. I would first ask the owners of the property if you can go on their land. Good luck!!!
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