hen with one spur growing?

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Apr 30, 2010
humboldt county
Okay, so I have a GLW with bumblefoot. I had been treating her last year with GSE, herbs and epsom salts foot soaks. She got her feet wrapped up with vetwrap and she appeared to be well in every other way -- lays regularly, normal poops, scratching around, etc. But over the winter when I wasn't checking her feet regularly because they had gotten significantly better she developed on one of her legs what appears to be a growing spur. It is like a nodule coming from the spot that they all have -- a tiny bump on the inside above their foot. What can this be? I checked her feet for bumbles and they had come back -- not as bad as before but she is back in the regimen of treatment -- foot spa I call it. Any ideas???
All hens have a tiny bump where a spur would grow, such as on a rooster. All hens have them. And some hens can actually grow long spurs, although it is not all that common. If you think this is something else, post a pic. :)
Upon further googling and checking it out on the internet I am pretty convinced it is a spur. Weird! She is still laying so not yet a rooster -- ha, ha...

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