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    Hi. I have a hen who has been bullied her entire life when I adopted her. Obviously another hen pecked her butt and I found her with a bloody rear. I caught her and brought her in to assess her injury. I did find a peck hole. I cleaned her up and sprayed Vetricyn on it and put her in the quarantine coop. My question is should I segregate her for a few days so I can treat her several times,a day or should I leave her with the flock?
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    I wouldn't leave her with the flock because if she is picked on and is already in pain that is the last thing I would do so just so you don't have to reintroduce her to the flock I would just let her out with everyone else for a bit every day and just watch her so no one is hurting her more hope this helps
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    If you keep her where they can't see her even after a couple of days she will get picked on worse on her return. If you want to let it heal seperate her inside the run somehow like in a broody cage etc so she is still part of the flock and then let her out to sleep with them at night then seperate in the morning again.

    I was a little confused, you did mean rescued from your own flock? Not new to your flock didn't you?
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    Thanks I was thinking the same thing.
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